Rub and Tug Toronto

Are you looking for a high end Toronto Erotic/Exotic Massage Parlour?

Toronto Erotic Massage LadyA Rub and Tug Massage often referred to as a Sensual Massage or Erotic Massage usually consists of a full body massage using techniques like deep tissue, Swedish massage, gentle stroking and working knots out of muscles in the skin, often using massage oils with the aim to relax and de-stress. You will normally be required to have your massage either naked or naked with a towel in place. As the massage has a sensual feel, masseuses can either be full clothed, partially clothed or completely naked with some massages involving full body to body naked contact to heighten your senses. Towards the end of the massage, a Rub and Tug Massage ends in a climax of a literal ‘Rub and Tug’. In what form the Rub and Tug takes is completely at the discretion of the masseuse and the services offered. This type of massage provides the ultimate relaxation experience which completely relieves tension and stress from the body and often the mind.

Why can’t I find a Rub and Tug Massage Parlour in the Toronto?

It’s a good question, and one that a lot of men ask themselves and their trusted friends. Massages with Rub and Tugs are common place around Asia as in many asian countries they are legal. Men who visit asia often get a taste of the ultimate experience an Erotic Massage can bring and come home to the Torontotelling tales of the amazing sensual massages they have experienced and then search to replicate that experience in the Toronto. The only problem is that no matter how hard you search for a Rub and Tug Massage Parlour or masseuse in the Toronto, you won’t find one. Is this because they don’t exist? Absolutely not! They are dotted around the Toronto, relying on word of mouth to gain new trusted clients. They don’t advertise because accepting payment for sexual services in the Toronto is illegal, however, paying for a massage is not illegal and equally, if a consenting adult wishes to pleasure another consenting adult after a massage without payment for that particular service, it is not against any law. If your seeking the best relaxation experience that is 100% discreet and confidential, call us now to schedule an appointment with a lady currently working. Check out our ladies and our schedules to book today in Toronto! We look forward to seeing you!

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